Advisory Board

Welcome to the St. Patrick’s School Advisory Board

The St. Patrick’s School Board is a voluntary committee that functions as an advisory board to the principal and the pastor. The board’s responsibilities include input and decision making for policy, academics, finance, planning and marketing.

As a representative body we solicit parent input on issues of importance to our school.  Parents who would like to have issues reviewed by the Board should submit a letter in writing to the current Chair. The issue will be reviewed by the pastor, principal and Chair and, if deemed to be a school board responsibility, will be added to the monthly agenda. The board meets every second Friday of the month from September through June. The Board hosts a public meeting throughout the year.

2023-2024 Members

Nathan Beecher
Kayla Butts
Teresa Casafranca
Amanda Fangmeyer
Elizabeth Finnegan
Kyrus Freeman
Grace Konieczny
Rosina Mitchell
Erin Murphy

Andrew Rackiewicz
Crystal Schmidtlein 
Jim Schmidtlein 
Christy Turner 
Lara Woodruff
Lori Beecher, HSA Representative
Msgr. Charles Parry, Pastor
Christie Anne Short, Principal


St. Patrick’s School will maintain its status as a National Blue Ribbon School through the implementation of a comprehensive academic program rooted in our Catholic tradition and monitored and evaluated on an ongoing basis to insure rigorous instruction in core academic areas as well as Religious Education, Art, Music and Physical Education. Special attention will be given to research-based, rigorous instruction in the areas of Mathematics, Critical Thinking, and STEM applications to prepare our students for secondary school success and beyond.

Goals & Objectives of the Academic Excellence Committee

June 2022 Notes on End-of-Year Changes to the SAB Committee Strategic Goal Charts
Academic Excellence
: Based on circumstances related to the continued impact of COVID, some of the goals were not implemented this year. The Committee hopes to continue to pursue these priorities in the upcoming school year. The Committee added an additional outcome beginning next year, new 1.2.4 provides a measurable outcome to “Implement ongoing professional development for all teachers on Math Number Talks/Math Discourse.” Additionally, the needs of the students led to the emphasis on mathematics instruction. As a result, goals related to critical thinking skills are on hold and tentatively slated to become emphasis areas during the 2023-24 school year.

St. Patrick’s School will maintain its vibrant Catholic identity by providing ample opportunities to know, love & serve God and enhancing collaboration between the Parish and School as a unified community of faith.

Goals and Objectives of the Catholic Identity & Service Committee

June 2022 Notes on End-of-Year Changes to the SAB Committee Strategic Goal Charts
Catholic Identity and Service:
Several our initial target deadlines were not met on account of COVID restrictions preventing us from meeting in person or otherwise mixing groups of students. For instance, it was not possible at the start of the school year for us to encourage mixing of cohorts of students for mass or to initiate after school service projects. Additionally, a few of the planned objectives became less important when restrictions were relaxed or removed. For example, it was not necessary for us to explore a virtual mass option as the students were able to return to mass in-person.

St. Patrick’s School will build and enhance the community through fostering engagement in school activities, encouraging volunteerism, and creating a nurturing environment for parents, students, and faculty – past, present, and future.

Goals and Objectives of the Culture and School Climate Committee

June 2022 Notes on End-of-Year Changes to the SAB Committee Strategic Goal Charts
School Culture and Climate:
Given yet another challenging year with Covid, the School Culture and Climate Committee decided not to expand the Grandparents Club and deferred some potential new events to next school year. We are hopeful that next year we can resume expansion of the Grandparents club and encourage our new families and grandparents to participate in our Grandparents Day event. We remain optimistic that we will be able to introduce new traditions to our community!

St. Patrick’s School will ensure the longevity, safety, security, technology, sustainability, and aesthetics of the School building and surrounding campus grounds in support of the educational, spiritual, and cultural goals of the School community.

Goals and Objectives of the Facilities and Campus Improvements Committee

June 2022 Notes on End-of-Year Changes to the SAB Committee Strategic Goal Charts
Facility and Campus Improvements:
The FCI is not amending the contents of any of our goals at this time however we are adjusting timeframes for collaborative efforts for 5.1.1, 5.1.2, and 5.4.1.

St. Patrick’s School will, in a manner transparent to the School community, maintain its fiscal strength through prudent financial planning and stewardship, to ensure the sustainability and affordability of a superior Catholic education.

Goals and Objectives of the Financial Planning & Affordability Committee

June 2022 Notes on End-of-Year Changes to the SAB Committee Strategic Goal Charts
Financial Planning and Affordability:
Minor changes were made to the original goal sheets to reflect a future emphasis on implementing the procedures put in place this year and to adjust several due dates.

St. Patrick’s School will develop effective strategies to attract, engage and retain School families, as well as highly qualified staff, that reflect a unified commitment to academic excellence, community service and social justice rooted in the Catholic Faith.

Goals and Objectives of the Recruitment & Retention Committee

June 2022 Notes on End-of-Year Changes to the SAB Committee Strategic Goal Charts
Recruitment and Retention:
The Committee adjusted the target dates on a few of the goals. The impact of COVID pushed back some of our goals into next year and beyond. The only goal that was edited was goal 4.2.3. The committee will continue to review additional staffing needs with school administration, but a meeting with all parties previously listed is not necessary.