Grade 2

Grade 2 at St. Patrick's

Classroom: Mrs. Helen Silk
Reading & Math: Mrs. Melissa Wicks
Instructional Assistant: Mrs. Susan Hayden

Grade 2 Highlights:

First Reconciliation; First Communion; Small Reading Groups (1:8 ratio); Small Math Groups (1:14 ratio); Eighth Grade Buddies (who come to read with us, do special projects, and help to guide us in church on Wednesdays); and so much more!

  • Explain the meanings of selected parables and miracles
  • Identify and model the essential elements in the Rite for receiving the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist
  • Identify how the Ten Commandments guide us in how to love God and others

We have small reading groups of 1:6, in addition to the core lessons; games and journal writing are included.

Standards include:

  • Read aloud in grade level texts, fluently and accurately, with appropriate changes in voice and expression
  • Analyze text by using varied reading strategies: summarizing, questioning, sequencing, cause/effect, and author’s purpose
  • Create, review, evaluate, and revise writing for meaning and clarity

Manipulatives such as blocks, coins, clocks, and games are used to enhance the math curriculum. A bank coin system is used to teach counting, saving, spending, and making choices at the classroom store.

Standards include:

  • Represent, compare, and interpret data using tables, tally charts, and graphs
  • Add and subtract two whole numbers less than 100 with and without regrouping
  • Choose and explain how to use appropriate materials and strategies to solve problems

Faith and Service in Our Classroom:

We show our faith every day through our prayers, special intentions, and living by Jesus’ Greatest commandment: to show love and kindness towards one another.
Some of our service projects include: providing gifts for families at Christmas; contributing to making bagged lunches for the Men’s Emergency Shelter; and collecting clothes and toiletries for the children at Life Connection Mission in Haiti.

Expectations of Excellence

Students will strive to:

  • Treat each other with kindness and respect in their words and through their actions
  • Be made to feel as valued members of the class, by their peers and adults, thus allowing them to succeed in their academics