Grade 4

Grade 4 at St. Patrick's

Classroom: Miss Marianne Bonanno
Reading & Math: Mrs. Alexandra Fieni

Grade 4 Highlights:

Math and reading classes are divided into two heterogeneous groups of mixed abilities and genders. The groupings allow for smaller class sizes providing individualized and differentiated instruction as well as students gaining greater access to the curriculum. Miss Bonanno and Mrs. Fieni plan weekly to make sure lesson plans are synchronized. The curriculum and grading philosophies are the same for the groups.

  • Learn how Jesus is present in our everyday lives, and how we can become better Disciples
  • Learn about saints, how to pray the Rosary, and memorize prayers that are identified as the fundamental prayers of the Catholic Church
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of the Ten Commandments and how they help us to love God and others

Students will work throughout the year on understanding and gaining appreciation for all of the different genres. In addition to using a traditional reading series, the students will also read and analyze novels in smaller groups that most appropriately match their reading abilities.

  • Applying knowledge of words to fluent oral and silent reading of grade-level narrative and expository text
  • Strengthening comprehension and analysis of a variety of texts
  • Comparing and contrasting various forms and elements of literature
  • Identifying the main events of a plot, cause and effect, and theme
  • Defining various examples of figurative language and their use in literary work
  • Development of skills-based writing as well as expression through creative writing
  • Bi-weekly development of study and research skills using various methods and techniques
  • Understanding place value of whole numbers and decimals and how they relate to fractions
  • Solving problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; understanding the relationships among these operations
  • Using mental math to solve problems involving rounded numbers
  • Using and interpreting variables, mathematical symbols, and properties to write and simplify numerical expressions and sentences
  • Understanding plane and solid geometric objects
  • Determining perimeter and area, as well as measuring volume, capacity, time and money
  • Organizing, representing and interpreting data and clearly communicating findings
  • Making decisions about how to approach problems and communicating ideas
  • Demonstrating mastery of all math facts

Faith and Service in Our Classroom:

Fourth graders are learning the Mysteries of the Rosary, and as a whole class we pray the Rosary once a week. We discuss saints on a daily basis, and students learn the importance of imitating them as our role models. The students learn several formal prayers (such as the Morning Offering, Angelus, Hail Holy Queen, etc.), as well as the Beatitudes, Works of Mercy, and Ten Commandments. In addition, fourth graders participate in service projects throughout the year, such as making sandwiches for the homeless during Lent.

Expectations of Excellence

Students will strive to:

  • Establish responsibility for classwork and homework
  • Develop self-discipline
  • Demonstrate good manners
  • Exhibit respect for others and property
  • Practice good organizational and time management skills
  • Enhance their understanding and practice their faith
  • Increase independence

Each student is expected to uphold an exemplary level of Catholic faith and Christian awareness towards classmates and teachers.

“I love being able to share our Catholic faith with students each day and watching the children grow in so many ways. St. Patrick’s is truly a wonderful community and a great place to work. I feel blessed to be a part of this school.”

– Miss Marianne Bonanno (teacher, Grade 4)