Annual Fund

Since our founding in 2004, the School has been blessed by gifts of time, talent, and treasure – investments that have established the foundation of a vibrant community anchored in faith and service with a reputation for excellence. Now as an established school, the generosity of our dedicated parents, grandparents, alumni, and parishioners is just as crucial. The margin of excellence that is a St. Patrick’s education is made possible by the philanthropic support of the community.

Your generosity ensures we can continue to guide students to develop their fullest potential through academic, interpersonal and leadership skills and empower them to live out the gospel in their world. Every year the expenses associated with delivering this type of education increases as does the need for financial assistance for families that desire our faith-based education.

To simplify how to best support the students of St. Patrick’s School, the Annual Fund has been established as the primary fundraising effort. This annual campaign is the most efficient vehicle for support as there is no fundraising cost for this effort and 100% of each tax-deductible contribution is used for school needs. All St. Patrick School families, friends and alumni, staff and parishioners are asked to participate in the Annual Fund in a way that is meaningful to them.

When you support the Annual Fund, you give a vote of confidence to the St. Patricks leadership ensuring they will have the resources they need to fully allow our faculty and students to thrive. Please join other parents, alumni, parents of alumni, grandparents, faculty, and friends who have demonstrated that they are committed to the School and want this quality and affordable faith-based education to endure.

Learn more about this year’s Campaign

If you would like to learn more about the Annual Fund or have questions about your support, please contact

To make a gift by mail, please make checks payable “St. Patricks Catholic School” with “Annual Fund” in the memo line, and send to:

St. Patrick’s School
4101 Norbeck Road
Rockville, MD 20853

Gift Recognition

Gifts of every amount are important and appreciated. Giving levels allow donors to contribute at the level that is meaningful and appropriate for their family. All donors to the Annual Fund each fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) will be recognized in the Annual Report, unless they wish to remain anonymous.

St. Patrick’s School Advisory Board (SAB)
Procedure to Govern the Annual Fund

The SAB approved a procedure to enhance governance and transparency of school financial matters in September 2021.  This procedure outlined steps for the Financial Planning Committee to: (1) monitor and provide input into the school budget cycle, (2) oversee and provide input on financial planning matters, and (3) assure coordination and transparency among various stakeholders.

St. Patrick’s School recently transitioned to the Annual Fund Drive as the primary source of fundraising.  Donors are given the option to direct their giving.  Donations that go unspent during that fiscal year are to be rolled over to the next budget cycle and should remain tied to designated area of giving.  Any undesignated funds are expected to be spent in areas consistent with the Strategic Plan.

The purpose of this procedure is to: (1) establish the initial target amount for the next Fiscal Year Annual Fund Drive, (2) develop a fundraising campaign to achieve this target, (3) monitor progress toward the target and adjust as necessary, (4) assure collected funds are spent in the designated areas, and (5) annually report on the administration of the Annual Fund.

A.  Establishing the Initial Annual Fund Target

By December 31 of the current Fiscal Year the Principal will provide a proposed target for the next Fiscal Year to the Chair of the Annual Fund and the Chair of the Financial Planning Committee.  The proposed target should be based on the overall proposed budget for the next Fiscal Year.  After coordination between the Principal, the Chair of the Annual Fund, and the Chair of the Financial Planning Committee, the proposed target will be presented to the School Advisory Board.

B. Development of a Fundraising Campaign

During the spring prior to the new Fiscal Year, the Chair of the Annual Fund will present to the School Advisory Board an outline of the campaign.  No later than April 15 the Principal and Chair of the Financial Planning Committee will seek approval from the Pastor.  Before May 31 the Principal will inform the Chair of the Annual Fund of any changes to the proposed target.  All fundraising targets and issues will be resolved by June 30.  The schools Annual Report and fundraising materials will be printed in August.

C. Monitor Progress Toward Annual Fund and Make Adjustments

The Chair of the Annual Fund will manage implementation of the Annual Fund Campaign and monitor progress.

D. Assure Collected Funds Are Expended or Rolled Over

Together the Principal and the School Advisory Board will act as the steward of collected funds to ensure all funds are spent with the donor’s intent, in furtherance of specific measurable outcomes in the Strategic Plan, or rolled over to the next Fiscal Year.  The Principal will coordinate with the School Advisory Board before any proposed spending greater than $7,500 if it is not designated by donors or in furtherance of specific measurable outcome in the Strategic Plan.

E. Annual Fund Accounting

In May of each year the Principal will provide the Chair of the Annual Fund: (1) a summary of school expenses that were made possible by the Annual Fund, (2) an accounting of the total money spent in each of the eight designated areas of giving, (3) a proposed target for each of the giving areas for the next Fiscal Year, and (4) any other information needed to facilitate reporting to the school community.

F. Reporting on the Annual Fund Administration

The Chair of the Financial Planning Committee will prepare an Annual Report in August of each year which will summarize the school’s financial performance.  The Principal will review and share with all stakeholders.

G. Adjustments

In August of each subsequent year the Chair of the Financial Planning Committee will recommend adjustments to the School Advisory Board as needed based on experience with Annual Fund administration.


Why does the School need an Annual Fund now?

As a new school, we have been fortunate in that our costs for maintenance, capital improvement and other expenses associated with older schools have been relatively low. This meant that all tuition could be used to recruit and retain the best faculty and invest in new educational programs and tools such as Project Lead the Way and a 1:1 ratio of students to Chromebooks in our Junior High School. Therefore, in the past we were able to largely meet our school operating budget through tuition and fees. As our facility needs and other expenses increase, this is no longer the case. While School policy remains to operate under a balanced budget, the Annual Fund will allow us to maintain an affordable tuition rate and close the gap between tuition income and the true cost of the excellent St. Patrick’s education.

Why does 100% Participation Matter?

Our 100% participation goal for School families, faculty and staff is important as we approach outside supporters and foundations for grant opportunities and donations. Most external sources of money require a demonstration of strong internal support for the school through an Annual Fund as a factor in determining the level at which they will, in turn, support the school. Every alumni, grandparent, and parent of alumni gift further helps us tell the story of the impact of a St. Patricks education!

What is an appropriate amount to give?

We hope that St. Patricks families will make the Annual Fund their top philanthropic priority each year as it goes directly to benefit each teacher and student. We ask each family to decide on an amount that is most appropriate for them.

The success of the St. Patrick’s Annual Fund relies on gifts of all sizes. During the 2020-2021 Call to Arms campaign, families gifted over $200,000 in gifts ranging from $10 to $25,000. This year, supporters can choose between making their meaningful contribution in one gift or consider a making a larger gift that can be spread over time with recurring monthly gifts. Additionally, employer matching gifts are attributed to that family’s giving level.

Can I designate my support?

As the foundation for philanthropy at St. Patricks, unrestricted giving through the Annual Fund directly impacts all students empowering school leadership the flexibility to make the best strategic investments each year.  However, we do allow for designation of your support to the following areas.

  • The Area of Greatest Need
  • Tuition Assistance
  • Science & Technology Enhancements
  • Fine Arts
  • Faith & Service Development
  • Faculty/Staff Growth & Development
  • The Capital Fund
  • Classroom Supplies & Materials

In the unlikely event that gifts to any specific area exceed the budgetary needs, the school reserves the right to redirect those funds.

How is the Annual Fund different from the past fundraising events?

This past year, the School Advisory Board (SAB) and Home & School Association (HSA) have worked together to streamline fundraising.  The Annual Fund and HSA events both provide important funds for the school.  However, the Annual Fund will directly support our operating budget and bridge the gap between tuition and the true cost of a St. Patricks education, while HSA fundraising initiatives will be directed for a specific project or purpose as needed.

The Golf Tournament held each fall will no longer be a fundraising effort and instead will be an opportunity to recognize those families and entities that commit early to the Annual Fund. Donors at higher levels will enjoy recognition not only at the golf tournament, but also at several other School events throughout the year.

HSA will continue to host many community-building events throughout the year to bring us together and build the bond that supports our faculty, students and parents alike.  In addition, HSA will host a fundraising Gala every other year in the Spring that supports a dedicated need as decided by the HSA in consultation with the Principal.

St. Patricks School is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization (Federal Tax ID #520847510)
Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.