Why St. Patrick’s?

The school motto, “Faith, Service, and Academics” expresses our commitment to fostering spiritual, interpersonal, and academic growth in our children. The collaboration among parents, teachers, students, parishioners, the pastor, and principal demonstrates our unique calling to educate our children in a strong faith-based community. The hope for every child who graduates from St. Patrick’s is that he/she is a productive child of God fully prepared to lead and serve in the community.

St. Patrick’s Catholic School is committed to creating and maintaining an environment that will nurture its students. The school is dedicated to developing diversity in young boys and girls who have a strong and positive self-image, who strive to do their best in all of their endeavors, and who recognize their responsibility to themselves and to improve the world. St. Patrick’s Catholic School strives for excellence through a strong academic program and a positive discipline plan. Our students are encouraged to share their education beyond the walls of the classroom.  Our students are aware that their community is much broader than the one in which they live, and that they have a responsibility to the larger world.

Academic Profile of a St. Patrick’s School Graduate


  • Excels academically and will be well prepared for the challenges of high school, college, and beyond
  • Is a creative, confident, problem solver, critical and independent thinker
  • Uses technology proficiently and responsibly
  • Is driven to succeed in life, faith, and community

Spiritual Profile of a St. Patrick’s School Graduate


  • Has developed a potential for a life-long relationship with God
  • Lives and promotes Catholic values
  • Seeks opportunities to provide service to others
  • Has a strong moral and ethical conscience

Social Profile of a St. Patrick’s School Graduate


  • Demonstrates empathy in daily life
  • Respects others and his or herself
  • Is a responsible and contributing member of the community
  • Has developed a global awareness