“Help one another:  this is what Jesus teaches us. And this what I am doing, and doing with all my heart…”  ~ Pope Francis

One of the most beautiful examples of our school climate is the commitment our families have adopted in the desire to serve. Following Pope Francisexample, the St. Patricks School community constantly answers the call to help those in need within our parish, our local community, and around the world. Each month, our school focuses our efforts to support one program in need. Our hope is that our school community can make a difference in someones life and through our actions, bring the love of God to others.

In addition to these programs, there may be opportunities throughout the year to support outreach projects presented by either individual students or student groups (SGA and Scouts) who have embraced a project/idea and have taken the steps to implement a fundraiser. We are equally supportive of these causes as well.

Service to others is integrated in every grade and encourages our students to give and pray for those in need. Monthly outreach activities include supporting individuals and families experiencing homelessness, hunger, and illness. St. Patricks students have a particularly strong connection with children in Haiti, gathering basic resources (e.g. clothing, toiletries, toys) throughout the year. Through these endeavors, students develop their socioemotional competence and experience multiple opportunities to support those in need.

2023-2024 Outreach Calendar


September Toy Drive to honor AJ Koller (Local Community)
October Diapers Drive for Catholic Charities Family Center (Catholic Charities, ADW)
November Greg Gannon Canned Food Drive (Parish)
Thanksgiving Food Drive (Parish)
December Christmas Gift Drive (Parish)
January Coats of Many Colors Drive (Catholic Charities, ADW)
February Donations to local animal shelter (Local Community)
March & April Men’s shelter sandwiches (Local Community)
May Cup of Joe (Catholic Charities, ADW)
Underwear and Socks for Haiti (International Community)