Home & School: Mission & Accomplishments

Our Home School Association (HSA) serves as the communication vehicle between the school and the home. HSA is an all-volunteer organization that is responsible for planning community-building events, organizing room parents for each class, and overseeing a number of fundraising events. HSA also sponsors guest speakers for our parent community, and partners with the school board and principal on many planning and strategy efforts.

The mission of the HSA shall be to form a communication vehicle between the school and the home, to organize service activities (volunteers and fundraising), to plan community–building events, and to foster parental involvement in the school community.

The principle objectives of the HSA shall be to:

  • Promote an atmosphere in the school community where parents, teachers, and students can cooperate, understand their responsibility, and work together in imparting the ideals of Catholic education.
  • Encourage the HSA to provide a forum where ideas, desires or comments can be transmitted or shared.
  • Build support for the school through the families of students and other members of the school community.
  • Assist the school administration and School Advisory Board in raising funds for the school.
  • Provide members with the means and opportunity to participate in religious, social, educational and cultural  programs.
  • Provide the school with the skills, talent and time of parents in service to the school.


Kristy Swarthout, Co-Chair
Cate Thorin, Co-Chair
Crystal Truslow Schmidtlein, Co-Chair
Brian Murphy, Treasurer
Su Miller, Secretary
George Wahl, Room Parent Coordinator
Sara Antonucci & Paula Fragomeni, Technology Coordinator
Katie Ballengee, Lori Beecher, & Kathleen Keown, Hospitality Committee
Sue Howard, Alumni Coordinator
Joei Dyer, Lauren Spranklin, and Katie Stringer, Grade Level Representatives
Yolando Ngo, Spirit Wear Coordinator
Whitney Greaney and Kelly Rinaudot Prekindergarten Room Parents
Barbara Gutierrez-Smith and Christina Jackman, Kindergarten Room Parents
Kyla Butts and Carolyn Richelmi 1st Grade Room Parents
Gabriela Glomb and Krystyna Olmstead, 2nd Grade Room Parents
Chavaughn Brown and Stephanie Schneider, 3rd Grade Room Parents
Paula Fragomeni and Tammy Marinucci, 4th Grade Room Parents
Christina Scripps  and Lara Woodruff, 5th Grade Room Parents
Joei Dyer and Ashley Veith, 6th Grade Room Parents
Kathryn Collins and Su Miller, 7th Grade Room Parents
Kristy Inman, Aurora Nieto, and Moira Paull, 8th Grade Room Parents