Grandparents’ Club

The Grandparents’ Club of St. Patrick’s School provides support to further the mission of St. Patrick’s School and the Home School Association (HSA).

The Club serves as an additional support system for the academic, spiritual, and social development of our students by its members volunteering their time and contributing their resources to enrich the daily lives of the children who attend St. Patrick’s School.

Membership in the Club is open to any grandparent (or honorary grandparent or otherwise interested senior citizen), whether near to or far from the school, who wishes to be better connected to the life of the school. Grandparents can provide support by contributing their time, talents or resources to benefit the children of St. Patrick’s School. Opportunities are available to help with events, in the classroom or elsewhere on campus, and with specific projects and programs. We encourage all grandparents to first reflect on their potential interest and involvement, and to then discuss this with your children (the parents of our children at St. Patrick’s).

We welcome volunteers to participate in serving for our hot lunch program, special visits to classrooms, small group support, field trips, and many more opportunities to share in the life of your grandchild’s St. Patrick’s education, but first must ask that you complete the mandatory ADW Child Protection training.



If you would like to become a member of the St. Patrick’s School Grandparents’ Club and receive information about events at St. Patrick’s School, please complete the following form: