Faculty & Staff

Teachers and staff are committed to educating students in a challenging environment that allows for the individual needs of our students to be met. The staff of thirty includes ten full-time classroom teachers with five full-time teacher assistants in pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, and the learning support program. Additional teaching staff consists of a full-time learning support teacher, part-time teacher for small group instruction in reading and math at the intermediate grade levels, part-time enrichment teachers for junior high math and reading, and part-time specials teachers in art, library, music, physical education, Spanish, and technology. The benefits of a staff this size is that we are able to differentiate instruction to meet each student’s needs.


Title Name Email
Principal Christie Anne Short christieanne.short@stpatrickadw.org
Administrative Assistant Mary Ali mary.ali@stpatrickadw.org
Facility Manager Martin L’Etoile martin.l’etoile@stpatrickadw.org
Afterschool Care & Hot Lunch Coordinator Nora Mitchell nora.mitchell@stpatrickadw.org
Andrew Ament
Grade 7 Homeroom, Grade 7 & 8 Math & Religion, Grade 8 Latin
Andrew Ament
Marianne Bonanno
Grade 4
Marianne Bonanno
Kelly Burgess
Grade 5 English, Reading, Science, & Social Studies, Grade 6 Social Studies, and J.H. Learning Support
Kelly Burgess
Cockrell, A
Advanced Reading Grades 6-8
Anne Cockrell
Costello, C
Learning Support Teacher
Cara Costello
Alicia dePappa
Spanish Grades 2-8
Alicia dePappa
Falatko, B
Gateway to Engineering
Bill Falatko
Jill Fecko
Junior High Science and 5th & 6th Math
Jill Fecko
Fieni, A
Grade 3 & 4 Reading and Math, 5th Math
Alexandra Fieni
Physical Education
Sean Fitzpatrick
Kindergarten Instructional Assistant
Eileen Guihen
Elisa Hall
Pre-K Instructional Assistant
Elisa Hall
Hayden, S
Grade 1 Instructional Assistant
Susan Hayden
Jenkins, C
Grade 3
Claire Jenkins
Grade 8 Homeroom, 7 & 8 Reading, 8 English, 7 & 8 Social Studies
Judy Jenkins
Melanie Koller
Karen Mullen
Grade 1
Karen Mullen
Primary Spanish & Technology
Maria Salvado
Scango, M
Junior High Math
Michelle Scango
Schmidt, C
Grade 6 Homeroom, Grade 6 English, Religion & Math, Grades 6-7 English
Cathy Schmidt
Schmidtlein, C
Marketing and Development Coordinator
Crystal Schmidtlein
Helen Silk
Grade 2
Helen Silk
Surgalski, C
Carson Surgalski
Library & Faith Development
Gina Swanda
Resource Assistant
Susan Thiel
Villar, D
Music PK-grade 8
Daniel Villar
Amy Wasel
Grade 2 Instructional Assistant
Amy Wasel
Melissa Wicks
Grades 1 & 2 Reading & Math, Grade 5 Reading
Melissa Wicks