Grade 5

Grade 5 at St. Patrick's

English, Reading, Social Studies, and Science: Mrs. Kelly Burgess
Math:  Mrs. Jill Fecko and Mrs. Alexandra Fieni
Reading: Mrs. Melissa Wicks
Religion: Miss Christie Anne Short

Grade 5 Highlights:

Student learning is centered around six main elements: knowledge of the faith; liturgy and sacraments; morality; prayer; living as members of the Church; and evangelization and apostolic life.

  • Explain that Christ gave us, and is present in all of the Sacraments
  • Recognize the meaning of the Sacraments of Initiation, the Sacraments of Healing and the Sacraments at the Service of Communion
  • Apply the meanings of the Sacraments to their own lives
  • Analyze the rites of the Sacraments
  • Assess how the effects of the Sacraments impact their lives as disciples
  • Describe and examine the various parts of the Liturgy
  • Learn standard English grammar and apply to writing
  • Incorporate strong verbs, similes, metaphors, and descriptive words in writing
  • Write personal narratives, descriptive essays, letters, comparison and contrast papers, problem and solution essays, poetry, and research reports
  • Evaluate their own writing to improve the final product
  • Infer and draw conclusions from the text
  • Understand the various genres of literature through discovering author’s point of view, story structure, and literary terms
  • Practice fluidity of speech when reading aloud
  • Evaluate various forms of literature, and interpret poetry and drama
  • Respond to literature
  • Emphasis of number sense built upon a mastery of math facts.
  • Comprehension and review of place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and measurement
  • Practice and mastery of algebra, fractions, decimals, geometry, ratios, percent, probability, integers, and coordinates
  • Incorporation of math into science and social studies classes, when possible
  • Introduction of math concepts through word problems with the opportunity to solve problems using multiple math strategies and encouragement of math discussions and explanations
  • Continued monitoring of independent and guided practice
  • Study of American history, geography, and government from Native Americans to present times
  • Learning through hands on events such as making dugout canoes, debating of major issues, experiencing field trips, reenacting the Boston Massacre and immigration through Ellis Island, becoming wax museum historical characters, and creating colonial crafts
  • Introduction to matter, forces in motion, changes in forms of energy, electricity, space, cells, and human body systems
  • Application of the Scientific Method to analyze and evaluate results of bi-weekly laboratory experiments
  • Evaluation of knowledge through projects such as cell and atom models and travel brochure for trip to a planet

Faith and Service in Our Classroom:

In fifth grade students are expected to fully participate in the school’s monthly outreach program. These programs include community and world service to others such as fund raisers for breast cancer victims, food drives for the needy, and support of a Haiti mission. Also important is to show Christian love to peers through respect, acceptance, and consideration of each other on a daily basis. Further, students join in religion class, Mass, prayers for others and each other, and thanksgiving for what God has provided.

Expectations of Excellence

Students will strive to:

  • Be Prompt or arrive to school and classes on time
  • Be Prepared for school by learning to organize, having homework and supplies, and establishing a mindset to learn
  • Be Persistent or motivated to do their best and to become independent, creative learners
  • Be Polite to themselves and respectful of others
  • Be Prayerful in life and endeavor to help others