Grade 1

Grade 1 at St. Patrick's

Classroom: Mrs. Karen Mullen
Reading & Math: Mrs. Melissa Wicks
Instructional Assistant: Mrs. Susan Hayden

Grade 1 Highlights:

In first grade at St. Patrick’s, we offer an integrated curriculum with lots of hands on experiences to make learning fun and meaningful. First graders are provided a nurturing, safe environment where they can succeed in learning. Teaching is differentiated based on the needs and skills of each student. Students are challenged with critical thinking, visual thinking, and S.T.E.M. activities.

  • Shows an understanding of God as Creator
  • Identifies and describes the essential elements of Baptism
  • Identifies objects in the Church
  • Uses phonemic awareness and phonics to read new words
  • Identifies the plot, setting, and characters of a story
  • Writes brief narratives and informational descriptions
  • Writes in complete sentences using proper end punctuation and capitalization
  • Demonstrates fluency in addition and subtraction facts to 20
  • Creates and solves addition/subtraction word problems
  • Chooses appropriate materials and strategies to solve problems
  • Tells time to the nearest half hour
  • Identifies and gives the values of collections of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters up to $1

Faith and Service in Our Classroom:

We incorporate our faith into our daily routines through morning prayer/assembly and attending Mass as a school each week. Each month the first graders participate in a school wide community outreach project that provides them with opportunities to see the need of others in their neighborhoods and beyond.

Expectations of Excellence

Students will strive to:

  • Be Prompt or arrive to school and classes on time
  • Be Prepared for school by learning to organize, having homework and supplies, and establishing a mindset to learn
  • Be Persistent or motivated to do their best and to become independent, creative learners
  • Be Polite to themselves and respectful of others
  • Be Prayerful in life and endeavor to help others