Junior High Reading

Junior High Reading at St. Patrick's

Mrs. Cathy Schmidt, grade 6
Mrs. Anne Cockrell, grades 6-8 (advanced)
Mrs. Judy Jenkins, grade 7 & 8

Homework Policy:

Homework includes independent reading and discussion questions to prepare for in class novel study groups, essays, and other creative assignments. All written work is graded for grammar, spelling, and content. A rubric is included in directions for writing work.

Curriculum Highlights:

Students in 6, 7, & 8 will explore the various elements of literature and reading  through novel studies and other writing examples provided by the teacher.  Students complete quarterly book reports on novels of their own selection, as well as quarterly novel studies as a class. Reading and writing go hand in hand so regular writing assignments are a large part of the reading curriculum.

Students in 6th grade strive to master:

  • Inferring and drawing conclusions from the text
  • Understanding the various genres of literature
  • Recognizing the author’s point of view
  • Recognizing story structure
  • Strengthening writing through book reports and creative writing assignments

Students in 7th grade strive to master:

  • Making judgements and inferences based on author’s perspectives
  • Visualizing and interpreting textual images and scenes
  • Strengthening writing through book reports and creative writing assignments
  • Using persuasive devices to convey a written message
  • Evaluating other forms of literature – i.e., newspapers, magazines, etc.
  • Interpreting poetry and drama – including a large unit on Shakespeare
  • Identifying theme, genre, protagonist, and conflict in literature

Students in 8th grade strive to master:

  • Analyzing the elements of a story and/or novel: protagonist, antagonist, internal/external conflict, symbolism, irony, setting, voice, mood, point of view, and uses of figurative language
  • Strengthening writing skills through book reports and creative writing assignments
  • Exploration of the varied genres of literature through classic novels and literary circles

Expectations of Excellence

Students will strive to:

  • Complete work on time
  • Be creative both as writers and thinkers
  • Make sure that anything they hand in is something that makes them feel proud
  • Model respect and encouragement when others are sharing their work
  • Think critically about what they read and be able to explain how works of literature make them feel
  • Become a story teller – find the writer hidden in each of us