Odyssey of the Mind

Creative Problem Solving

Teachers and students agree that many of the activities and skills required by Odyssey of the mind are missing from the traditional classroom. Odyssey of the Mind encourages students to use their creativity and natural abilities to solve the program’s challenging problems. Students learn to think divergently via open-ended problems from a variety of content areas such as math, science, language arts, social studies, physics, logic and reasoning, art, music, technology, and drama.

Odyssey of the Mind is offered to students in grades 1-5 on a weekly basis.

The Odyssey of the Mind was born out of the innovative teachings of its founder, Dr. C. Samuel Micklus. During the 1970’s at Rowan University in New Jersey, Dr. Micklus (Dr. Sam to OMers) challenged his Industrial Design students to use their creativity to solve unique problems like building a vehicle without wheels, designing and testing a mechanical pie thrower, and making a flotation device that transported them safely across a lake.

One of Dr. Sam’s first challenges to his University students: get across the water without getting wet! Proof that using open-ended questions creates more possibility for creative problem solving. If his problem was simply to “build a boat” — there would have been a classroom filled with the same solution.

Odyssey of the Mind encourages:



Healthy competition

Critical thinking